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大英语团队 ESL Teachers

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                                                 Natalie Wang

        My name is Natalie Wang. I got a Bachelor Degree in English Linguistics from Tianjin University of Technology. I had worked in a public school for three years before I came to Maple Leaf. That was a good experience for me, because I understood that teaching benefits teachers as well as students. After that, I came here when Maple Leaf was set up in Tianjin in 2008. And here, I become a teacher in senior high school to help the students who are poor in basic English. Now, it is my seventh year to teach in Maple Leaf. I am trying my best to help my students with my great passion. I hope they can be successful in this magical place.

       我的名字是Natalie Wang. 我获得了天津理工大学英语语言学学士学位。在来到枫叶以前,我在一所公立校工作了三年。对我来说,那是一段很好的经历, 因为我从中明白了教学相长的道理。之后,我在2008年枫叶在天津建校之初来到了这里,成为了一名高中英语教师。现在,我步入了在枫叶工作的第七个年头。我希望我的学生能通过我的帮助和他们自己的努力在这个有“魔力”的地方获得成功。

                                 Patric Burkhardt

      My name is Patric Burkhardt. I am from Canton, Ohio in the United States. I graduated from Kent State University with a degree in history with a minor in Asian Studies. I have taught in Korea for three years and I have taught for Maple Leaf Schools for over four years. I enjoy seeing my students growing and learning.

       我的名字是Patric Burkhardt,我来自美国俄亥俄州Canton城,我毕业于肯特州立大学,主修历史学,辅修亚洲研究学。我在韩国教了3年书,在枫叶学校教书4年多了。我很高兴看到我的学生们不断学习和成长。  





My name is Alexander Gomm and I am from North Bay,Ontario,Canada. In university I studied Geography and have a keen interest in learning about and experiencing different cultures.

I have been teaching ESL for four and a half years. My first two years were spent at Wndo Girl’s Middle School on theislandofWando,Jeollanamdo,South Korea. In February of 2013, I began working at TEDA Tianjin Maple Leaf middle School and taught there until July of 2015.

I look forward to teaching and learning from your children this year and hopefully we can have a bit of fun along the way

    大家好,我是Alexander Gomm 我来自加拿大安大略省的诺斯贝。在大学里我教地理,我对了解和体验不同的文化有着浓厚的兴趣。






      I am a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher with over 10 years experience teaching a variety of ages and levels. I have taught for one year in Tianjin. As aU.S.citizen who has been living and working inMexicoandCentral Americafor much of the past 18 years, I am well adept at communicating with people of different ages and cultures. I am vey creative and enjoy using my IT stills to produce stimulating material to inspire and motivate my students. I am always committed to improving my teaching skills to ensure the greatest success for my students.






    “The best way to predict your future is to create it” by Abraham Lincoln. I am always inspired by this saying because I always work hard to have a better future in life. Life has been tough to me but being   optimistic and realistic was my tool to get through in every situation.

     很高兴在这里介绍我自己,我叫Justin Jay G. Dionson, 2年级学生的一名外教老师。我是护理方面的理学士,也拥有护士执照。从一个行业转到另一个行业是个艰难的选择。当护士不能补充家里的开销,幸运的是,我对教学很有热情,我也喜欢和孩子一起呆着。我感激枫叶给我一个珍贵的机会,来成为外教老师。在公立医院当护士之后,我就已经开始兼职在网上教课了,教的是英语为第二语言的孩子。

     I would like to introduce myself. I am Justin Jay G. Dionson, one of the International Teachers of Grade 2 students. By degree I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Registered Nurse. Shifting from one career to another is a hard choice but working as a Nurse back home can’t really provide enough to compensate the needs of my family. Luckily, I always have a passion for teaching and I love being with kids. I am thankful for Maple Leaf School for giving me an opportunity to be part of the International Teachers which offers me a great help to support my family back home. After working as a Nurse from one of the Public Hospital, I started to work as an Online ESL teacher part time while working as a Resolution Specialist full time.


     I found out myself that I love teaching with the kids and I felt happy that they learn something from me. It was never easy to teach an ESL student because you must have all the patience to deal with their behavior and you must find ways that it would be easy for your student to understand. You must focus on the learning needs of your student so that you can gauge what are the specific areas that they need to work on. In terms of knowing your student you must assess carefully before you go to the teaching process. As the time goes by I fell in love teaching with the kids so I take the steps to learn more about teaching ESL like attending some seminars and read important things online.

  说到我的爱好和兴趣,我喜欢篮球,从小妈妈经常责备我,因为为了多打篮球,快到吃饭了我才回家。有时候喜欢打游戏,是因为游戏里我必须仔细思考,计划周密才能有赢的机会。我也喜欢和朋友、家人去海滩,那让我安静下来,从压力中求得快乐,海浪及空气让我可以暂时远离城市生活。 我的朋友和家人是我努力工作的动力,他们激励我达成生活的目标。

  So, let’s talk about my hobbies and interest. I love to play basketball since I was young and my mom always scolded me because I will only go home when it is time to eat. Most of the time I spent my life playing basketball. I also love to play the famous online game which is DOTA 2 “Defense of the Ancient” which I think everyone is familiar with the game. What I like this game is you must think and plan carefully a strategy to outplay your opponent. By doing so you have an edge to win the game and destroy their base camp. I also love going to the beach together with my friends and family. Spending time in the beach helps me calm and relieved me from all the stress. Hearing the waves and taking in the fresh air is a great escape from the city life. My friends and family are my inspiration to work hard and they also inspire me to attain my goals in life.


      It was tough when I recall the time when I started to work in Maple Leaf since it was my first time to work abroad and the culture itself is diverse. But along the way, I was able to adjust through the efforts of the supportive and approachable Maple Leaf staffs. And to my fellow International Teachers who are always there whenever I need help in terms of work and personal life issues. 



    My name’s Redd Burns, born in Manila, raised in Los Angeles. My dad’s a Native American and my mom’s Half Spanish/Filipino. I finished my studies in Manila, graduated from De La Salle University. I have two degrees on my belt, English and Marketing, minor in Management.

      我是Redd Burns, 我出生在马尼拉,成长于洛杉矶。我的父亲是个地地道道的美国人,我的母亲是西班牙和菲律宾混血。在马尼拉我完成了我的学业,我毕业于De La Salle大学。我获得了两个学位,英语及市场营销,辅修管理学。

    I’ve been teaching for almost fourteen years now and China is already my fifth country and definitely the last. I teach IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, TOEIC, EFL/ESL, General and Business English. I started teaching at Maple Leaf International School in 2014.

    现在,我已经教学将近14年了,中国是和我有关的第五个国家,我想肯定也是最后一个。我教授IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, TOEIC, EFL/ESL, 通用及商业英语。2014年我开始在枫叶国际学校教书。


      Hello, My name's Jozef. I have been living and working in Tianjin since 2004. Before that I worked as a nurse in Sydney, Australia with mentally disabled children. I enjoy watching my students to grow in knowledge as well as in manners.

大家好,我叫 Jozef,自从2004年我就在天津工作和生活,在那之前我在澳大利亚悉尼做的是一名护士。救治的是智力障碍的孩子。我喜欢看着我的学生长大,看着他们增长知识,端正举止。



     I am one of the International Teachers of Maple Leaf.  

    By degree I am a graduate of Bachelor of English Philology with a minor in Teaching English and a Master of Human Resources Management. I am a certified teacher and trainer with over 10 years’ experience teaching at various ages and levels. I have taught in Tianjin for 5 years. Before I came to China I had lived and worked in many countries like Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland. I have worked in a variety of environments in order to gather as much international experience as possible.

     I always look for new ways, stimulating materials, break old rules, to ensure my students success.

     My hobby is learning Chinese. It is a challenge for every foreigner. I love challenges so decided to set out in this life long Chinese adventure. I got two Chinese Language Scholarships in a row.  

     Besides memorizing Chinese characters I love sports like cross-country skiing, running and swimming.

     Thank you for reading my letter and I hope we could chat in English or Chinese one day.








     I am Jake, one of the international teachers in Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan. To be with students is my pleasure. To stay with them is my happiness. I will try my best to help them in my class and after class.

     我是Jake, 天津华苑枫叶国际学校的一名外教。和学生在一起是我的快乐,和他们相处是我的幸福。我将尽我最大努力在课上和课下帮助他们。



 Hello, my name is Gulzhan Elkin (Miss G). I came from North Carolina, USA. I have a B.A. in Russian Studies and M.A. in International Studies, with concentration in International Higher Education Administration from (ECU) East Carolina University.       I’m also a holder of International Teaching Certificate (ECU) and TEFL (Teaching English as aForeign Language) from Chicago Institute. I was teaching English as a Second Language to college students at ECU Language Academy for two and a half years and was a substitute teacher at Beaufort County School District, North Carolina for three years. Last year in 2016, my daughter Audrey (12) and I came to Tianjin to work and study at Maple Leaf Huayuan. I really love teaching and hope to make a good impact on children’s lives. 

大家好,我叫Gulzhan Elkin (Miss G),我来自美国北卡罗来纳州 我拥有俄语文学学士学位和国际研究硕士学士学位,在东卡罗来纳州大学,我主修国际高等教育。

我也拥有芝加哥专业机构颁发的国际教育证书和TEFL证书,在东卡罗莱纳州大学语言学院我教大学生英语2年半,英语是他们的第二外语。连续三年,我也是北卡罗莱纳州Beaufort County区的代课老师。2016年,我12岁的女儿 Audrey 和我来到了天津华苑枫叶国际学校工作和学习。我真的很喜欢教学,我也希望对孩子的一生产生积极的影响。


My name is Ms. Z, and I am an English teacher at Maple Leaf International School, Huayuan, Tianjin.  I am from South Africa and got my teacher’s degree from the North West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa. I have 5 years’ experience teaching English to grade 4 to grade 11 students.       

Working with children and teaching English is my passion and I find joy in seeing how students grow and learn to appreciate the language. I believe that each student is unique and must therefore be valued as an individual.

I also believe that as a teacher, I must set the examples we want our learners to follow, by not demanding respect, but by showing it to all (students, parents and fellow colleagues).

I am looking forward to working with Tianjin’s Maple Leafers’.

      我是 Ms. Z,华苑枫叶国际学校的一名外教。我来自非洲,在南非波切夫斯特鲁姆North West大学我取得了我的教师学位。对于教授4-11岁的孩子,我有5年的教学经验。





                                  Signy Sherman

     I have a Bachelors of Art in History from Winona State University and a Minnesota (USA) English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching license from Hamline University.  I have previously taught English in Kazakhstan and at a university in Hangzhou, China. I have also worked as an Associate Educator in the Minneapolis Public School system and as an Interpretive Park Ranger for the National Park Service in Alaska and South Dakota.  

       我是Signy, 我获得了Winona州立大学历史学学士学位及Hamline 大学颁发的英语作为第二语言的教学资质。我以前在哈萨克斯坦教过英语,在中国杭州的一个大学里,我也教过英语。在明尼阿波里斯的公立校系统中,我当过助教,在阿拉斯加和南达科他的国家公园里。我当过翻译讲解。



       Simona  2012年毕业于安徽合肥学院,毕业后加入天津泰达枫叶国际学校,连续3年担任一年级双语老师。在工作期间曾获得“CCTV希望之星英语风采大赛优秀指导教师奖”以及2013年“魅力教师奖”。

    Simona: She graduated from Anhui Hefei University in year 2012. After graduating, she worked at Maple Leaf International School—Tianjin TEDA. She has 3- year experiences for teaching Grade 1. In 2013 she is awarded the title of “Maple Leaf Star Teacher” during the 6th Anniversary of Maple Leaf International School—Tianjin TEDA and also is the “Outstanding teacher” for CCTV English Talent Competition.


       大英语工程教师:郭丹,女,汉族,198012月出生,毕业于天津外国语大学,初中英语二级教师,现任职于天津华苑枫叶国际学校初中部。从事英语教育12年,致力于青少年儿童英语教育研究。 2008年,荣获枫叶国际学校优秀员工称号;2012-2013年度指导学生参演英语艺术节的英语小剧和冬季展演的英语小剧,均获得领导和家长的好评。2013年,荣获枫叶国际学校“十佳优秀教师”称号;同年,在中央电视台举办的“希望之星”英语风采大赛中,荣获初中组优秀指导教师奖。所教授的学生在历年的“星星杯火炬”英语大赛上均获得前三名的优异成绩。本人热爱教育事业,从教多年,一直得到家长和领导的认可。

  Great English Project: Wallace Guo, female, Han, Born in December,1980, graduate from Tianjin Foreign Language University, the second rank of senior teacher in secondary school, be responsible for Tianjin Huanyuan Maple Leaf International Middle School, devoted to the research of English education in 12 years of English Education.

She is chosen as an “Excellent Teacher” in recognition of her excellent work in 2008.

She guided the students the short play in English Art Festival and English drama in Winter Show, both of the performances have gained in reputation.

She is chosen as a “Top Ten Teacher” and is hereby issued this honorary credential in recognition of her excellent work during the 2012-2013 academic year.

The same year, in CCTV’s “Star of the Hope” English talent competition, she won the junior group of outstanding instructor award.

The students were awarded the top three outstanding achievements over the years in the "Star Torch Cup" English contest.

She has been a teacher for many years, and she loves her job and always gains the grand support from parents and leaders.



Victoria, Bilingual Teacher. I graduated from Tianjin Normal University. I’ve been teaching for five years. What I want to teach my students is not only ABC, but also FUN.                      





         I've been working as a teacher for more than 9 years since 2005.  I graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University.  During these years working with youths, I deeply enjoy the perennial youthfulness.  As a teacher, I feel nothing more 

interesting than that in working hard, which brings me more possibilities to accomplish success, because the  running water 

never gets stale.




       Ms.Caroline Xu, who graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University, has been a Maple Leaf ESL teacher for more than 3 years. She has the English teachers' qualification certificate of high school. In 2013, She got the award as a good English experiment teacher . In 2014, she received the honor of good teacher in Maple Leaf school. In recent years, lots of her students won prizes in each English competition.




      My name is Yan Dong. My English name is Candy. I have nearly 5 years working experience for the English education. I love kids. In my opinion, to cultivate children’s personalities and aptitudes is more important than to teach them knowledge. I have a credibility with the kids I taught and the parents I communicated. I’m so proud of that. Now I feel honored to join the Maple Leaf School - the big family! I hope I can also get a credibility with the kids, the parents and the teachers here! 



      Anya Ann 毕业于天津师范大学外国语学院 教育硕士学位。在枫叶国际学校任教的五年半的时间里,学习了很多的先进的教育理念和教学方法,非常开心。

      I am Anya Ann, I got the Education Master Degree from Tianjin Normal University. I am glad that I have learnt a lot of advanced teaching ideas and methods in Maple Leaf School during these 5 years.



 Hi. My name is Phyllis. I am happy to join HuaYuan Maple Leaf to spend time with my students. I just transferred from TEDA campus. I have taught English in elementary school for 11 years. It is my pleasure to guide and help my students in their English learning. I don’t expect my students to be number one, but I do hope that they can be the only one.



I’m Sunny Zhang. I’m an elementary school bilingual teacher. I graduated from TianjinNormalUniversitywith a bachelor degree. I’ve got junior high school English teacher certificate and TKT teacher qualification certificate fromCambridgeUniversity. I have seven years of teaching experience; my teaching experience is fresh and lively. I was awarded "excellent teacher". Love kids deeply. I hope I can hold their hands, and let them have a happy growth in Maple Leaf !



赵秋悦,女,小学双语教师,毕业于天津师范大学。从教八年,持有国家初级中学英语教师资格证、TKTTESOL国际英语教师资格证。善于利用TPR、情境、任务型教学法等进行教学,营造快乐的学习氛围,激发学生兴趣,深受家长和学生的喜爱。人生格言:Teach from the heart, not from the book.

Qiuyue Zhao, female, bilingual teacher of Elementary School. Graduated from Tianjin Normal University and have been working in education industry for eight years. Have Teacher Certification of Middle School. I have the certificate of Teaching Knowledge Test by Cambridge and TESOL by Trinity College London. I am good at using TPR, Context and Task-based methods to teach in class. In my class, the students’interests are extremely stimulated. I am deeply welcomed by the kids and their parents.

Life Motto: Teach from the heart, not from the book.




Memory:She graduated from Tianjin Normal University in 2015.After graduating,she worked at Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan.  

Even though she has no experience of life before,she has an affectionate heart of children.She hopes that children will take learning as fun,not a mission. Let’s grow together.


闫超 / Selina,女,小学双语老师,本科,毕业于天津外国语大学,从事青少儿英语教育5年,持有高级中学教师资格认证,TEFL认证,剑桥TKT认证。对英语自然拼读和基础技能训练有自己的心得。2014获天津泰达枫叶国际学校“大英语优质课”三等奖和“一年级才艺展示”优秀组织奖。

My name is Selina, I’m a bilingual teacher of elementary school with bachelor degree. I graduated from TianjinForeignLanguageStudyUniversity. I got the “Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Teachers”, “Certificate of TEFL” and “Certificate of TKT” by Cambridge. I have specialized in teaching young learners for the past five years. Therefore I have a wealth of skills to teach phonics and basic four English skills. I won honors in Maple leaf school such as Third prize of “Excellent class of GEP” and Best organization of Talent show of Grade 1.




     Kitty has bachelor's degree and 7 years experience in teaching English education who has been loved by students. She  adheres to the love of educationcareer and she has the sense of responsibility to the student. She tries her best to learn her own teaching work and constantly working on learning. As a GEP bilingual teacher, I am the Grade 1 teacher at Maple Leaf International School.


    李亚春毕业于天津外国语大学,英语专业和经济学双学士,英语专业八级(TEM-8),BEC剑桥商务英语高级,持有高中教师资格认证,Tesol证。充满活力,有创造精神,坚持“快乐英语”的教学理念。教育感言:Wisdom is more to be envied than riches. ——知识可羡,胜于财富!

        Tracy graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University with a degree in English Linguistics. I have taught English for four years. I am optimistic and open-minded. I believe “happy English” will bring us more and more happiness.





      Yue Li, Bilingual teacher, female, master, graduated from Nankai University. I have been a teacher since 2007. Primary and middle school English teachers' qualifications. Excellent Teacher title got before. Teaching and learning should bring joy. Every child needs a champion. I am good at story teaching, game teaching and so on.




     I am Jenny Zhang, female, graduated from Tianjin Normal University with a bachelor degree. I got the “Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Teachers”, “A Certificate of Business English”. I have nearly 5 years working experience for the English education. Now I am a bilingual teacher in elementary school. In my class, I often use Context and Task-based methods and games to teach so the students have more interest. I love kids and I hope students can have a happy life in Maple Leaf.



      我的名字是Sophia Chen,毕业于美国圣克劳德州立大学,硕士,教育设计与培训专业。持有由明尼苏达州立学院和大学系统颁发的教学电子科学技术证书。从事英语教学工作五年。


     Sophia Chen, graduated from St. Cloud State University, major in instructional design, master degree. She has got the graduate certificate in Instructional Technology awarded by the Minnesota State College and University system, and she has been teaching English for five years.

      Her classes are active and fun and she’s got an authentic pronunciation. She focuses on the combination of language, practical usage and fun when teaching. Foreign culture and customs were combined into the classes so that the students can learn the relationship of language and culture.



      Ms.Shi, a bilingual teacher of elementary school, graduated from Tianjin Foreign Language University with bachelor degree. Her major is in English and she has specialized in teaching young learners for nine years. She has got CET-6, a qualification certificate of senior high school teacher and a TKT certificate and a family education advanced trainer. I am good at songs and chants, and task-based teaching method to teach.I am very proud of being a member of Maple leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan campus.




I am Daisy, the Librarian of GEP English book library. I graduated from Tianjin Normal University with a Bachelor Degree of Arts, and I graduated from Chinese National Academy of Arts with a Master Degree of Art Theory. In 2013, I won the National Scholarship for the postgraduates. I have a comprehensive knowledge background in humanities, such as: Literature, Art theory, Journalism, Communication, etc. Besides, I am deeply in love with reading and writing. Now, it is my honor to grow up with Maple Leaf “family” in the prime of life. 




Ms. Lexi Shao, a bilingual teacherwho has a Master Degree of Pedagogyhas been a teacher for more than 3 years. She has the English teachers' qualification certificate of middle school. She is good at using flexible teaching methods to guide students for effective learning and to experience the fun of learning. She would like to accompany students to grow up by giving them cumulative and reflective attitude. She is willing to impart knowledge with patience and love , to discover and appreciate the students, to explore students' potential at the same time.  


    It is an honor for me to join the Maple Leaf family in the fall of 2017. My name is Cindy Yang. I used to work in Tianjin International School which is an American private international school in the past seventeen years. I graduated from Tianjin Foreign Language University and I was majored in English Translation and Interpretation with a Bachelor of Art degree. I passed the band eight English test when I was in college and got the certificate of TESOL in 2017. I believe education is not just teaching students the new knowledge but also the whole person through our own words and behavior. I love working with children and I’m glad to be part of their life.

     很荣幸2017金秋加入了华苑枫叶这个大家庭。我是Cindy Yang。过去17年,我在天津国际学校一所美国的私立学校工作任教,在那里我学习和掌握了丰富的美式教育理念和教学方法,为我的教育之路奠定了坚实的基础。我毕业于天津外国语大学英语涉外口笔译专业学士学位。大学期间通过英语专业八级考试,并于2017 年取得了TESOL课程证书。我相信教育不仅仅是传授知识,更多的是通过教师的言行对学生进行全人教育。我享受教孩子的乐趣,更开心曾经我做过他们的老师!


     My name is Mary, a bilingual teacher of ESL. I graduated from TianJin Foreign Studies University, with a degree in English Linguistic. I got the “Qualification Certificate For Junior High School Teachers” and “ Certificate of Business English Vantage”. After graduating, I worked in Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan. I love education, and I hope students can gain happiness from learning. 



 My name is Lynn. I am a bilingual teacher in Tianjin Huayuan Maple Leaf International.

 I was major in English in Tianjin Normal University and had my master degree in NTU, Singapore. Over 5 years teaching experience in Singapore makes me reflect about the meaning of education. Blending the best of Chinese and western education can provide students with a better future. Hope to see you in Maple Leaf and accompany you to grow together. 




Hello everyone! I’m Rita. I’m so excited to join Tianjin Huayuan Maple leaf International School. I have been teaching for 7years. I have English teachers’ qualification certificate of Middle School, Certificate of TEFL” and “Certificate of TKT” by Cambridge. I love teaching with students and I also hope to be the friend of them.

大家好,我是巩毅。非常高兴能加入天津华苑枫叶国际学校这个大家庭。 我从事英语教学已经有7年的时间了,我持有中国初中英语教师资格证书以及英国剑桥颁发的TEFLTKT资格证书。我喜欢和学生们在一起学习,我更希望能够成为他们每一个人的朋友。 宋婧婧.jpg


Jane Song,graduated from SISU, holding the belief that respecting each student's thoughts and feelings in and outside

the classroom; Grow up with all children and always one step ahead.

      宋婧婧,毕业于四川外国语大学,研究生学历. 尊重每一个孩子在课内外的想法与感受;与学生一同成长,并永远领先一步 



     Julia Qiu, the assistant of GEP, an on-job postgraduate of English teaching major in Tianjin NormalUniversity and English News major in Tianjin Foreign Language University. I have the senior high school English teaching qualification and five-year experience of being an English teacher in a middle school as well as in the school office. I am the excellent party member. Moreover, I am diligent and careful in working, I have lots of enthusiasm and I am good at communicating with others. As a member of the warm family in Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan, I feel very proud.